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Traffic Surveys

Our current range of services cover the broad aspects of traffic and transportation data.  Collection of data is only half the story - extraction, enumeration, and analysis completes the other half.  Often, we explore and apply unique solutions to specific scenarios, having faced many such problems whether technology-led or analysis-led.  Alongside your standard projects, please discuss any specific requirements that may warrant a bespoke solution for your problem - both on site, or for particular analysis, or even presentation requirements.  Above all, our services are guaranteed for high integrity and accuracy.

This is the mainstay of most traffic surveys. The data collected includes classified flow and queuing data. Sometimes, saturation flow information and degree of saturation calculations are also required. Surveys may involve any manner, size, or number of junctions, from a local T-junction to intricate gyratories and motorway interchanges.

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Often referred to as an ATC, these types of survey are an efficient method for gauging flow and speed information at a particular point on local roads and some principal roads. The data is typically used to inform a more detailed survey or engineering decisions.

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Carried out at almost any location, whether on the public highway, rural path, in and around transport facilities, and whether dedicated or shared. No matter what the mode of transport, pedestrians are the key to every journey. Understanding their habit, patterns, route choices, and travel needs, are important factors in successful planning and design.

Cycling has come to the fore in contemporary planning, particularly in the urban environment - provision of facilities and appropriate management of infrastructure ensures sustainable travel habits. Many cyclists choose to cycle as a conscientious lifestyle and travel choice, and understanding their travel patterns and needs lead to better environments, notably cleaner and greener.

Walking and cycling have widespread benefits, including reduction in air pollution and CO2 emissions, and improvements to public health, with direct and indirect economic benefits. From the viewpoint of engineering and design, walking and cycling are strong determinants for an holistic approach to transport and spatial planning.

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Any aspect of road- and rail-based public transport, whether buses, trams, taxis, or trains. Surveys range from passenger boarding and alighting activity, bus stop activity, route performance surveys, and occupancy, to route choice questionnaires, access counts, barrier surveys, and Park + Ride user surveys etc.

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Number plate information is used for matching road trips between origin and destination, or for studying duration of stay at car parks. Complex cordon studies can easily be analysed through number plate data to determine exact journeys. Additionally, accurate journey times can be deduced from number plate data, whether in seconds, minutes, or other convenient time segment.

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Sometimes there is a need for a more detailed understanding of travel patterns or choices. In this case, direct questionnaire surveys can yield results with a deeper meaning than the interpretations of a volumetric survey. Questionnaire surveys may be carried out on the high street, a shopping centre, car park, on public transport, doorstep residential interviews, etc. Typical questions are based around route choice, origin/destination information, journey purpose, party size, etc.

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Parking surveys range from on-street, to off-street, to CPZ assessment and reviews involving several streets. Results from parking surveys can be a critical determinant in many design or development-led decisions. Sometimes, an understanding of the current level and type of usage is sought, on which projections can be made for future use. Projects requiring parking surveys may include development or conversion of a single house, new-build apartment blocks, office development, parade of shops, retail superstore, out of town retail parks, industrial estates comprising many enterprises/businesses, a large distribution centre, park-and-ride sites, airport parking, campus parking, student or staff parking, or event parking, etc.

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) are an important planning tool for keeping check on appropriate use of parking. CPZ surveys can be used to understand current utilisation and performance, and emerging trends – whether for residential, business, mixed, short-stay, loading, taxi, pick-up/drop-off, and whether facilitated by permits, pay-and-display, or free, etc. A specific application of parking surveys is the Lambeth Methodology. This assessment system is typically used in urban settings across the country, and we can proudly say that we are the pioneers of this system, developed in 2002. Applications include residential schemes, commercial schemes, conversions, change of use, etc.

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We take great care and pride in our work and ensure that we deliver accurate data. Our team members are carefully selected for training and receive a thorough technical induction before being assigned on projects. We have developed multi-level checking systems throughout the pre-analysis and post-analysis stages - so we guarantee our data and welcome scrutiny. We build reports around your needs, and strive to make the end-user experience as smooth and as easy to understand as is practically possible. Sometimes we are asked to verify existing third-party data, giving clients the benefit of our stringent multi-level checking protocols.

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