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Transport Assessments

Some development planning applications require a Transport Statement or Transport Assessment (or better known as a TS or TA), especially if they are expected to have a traffic or transport impact on the highway network.

What is a TS or TA?  Development projects that are expected to have a low impact may be accompanied by a TS, which doesn’t require extensive calculations but does require a meaningful statement and acknowledgement of the relevant issues.  Development projects that are expected to have an appreciable or significant impact must be accompanied by a TA.  This requires a comprehensive analysis of all the traffic and transport issues for all forms of travel, arising from the development.  In comparison, a TS is relatively straightforward, whilst a TA requires greater input.

As the finished product, A Transport Assessment or TA looks like a big report and contains a number of calculations and narratives related to those calculations.  The TA addresses all the traffic and transport issues, implications and impacts related to the development for which it is produced.  More importantly, the local highway authority will be interested in those impacts and how those impacts are acknowledged and addressed by appropriate measures.  To that end, a further document called a Travel Plan may be needed.  Travel Plans are long-term strategies to promote and ensure that some occupiers of a development (such as residents or office-workers) will travel in ways that do not rely on car travel (unless car-sharing is an active strategy). Not all developments require a Travel Plan, but where relevant, we can help with your Travel Plan needs.

Our job is to support you and your project through the production of the TA for your development.  The whole process starts with quantifying current levels of traffic and transport data.  This is achieved by carrying out data collection which involve traffic surveys and may involve other surveys of pedestrians, cyclists, and bus and rail use.  In the next stage, we carry out traffic modelling of the junctions affected by your development, including the site access and other locally important junctions.

Alongside the traffic impacts, we look at opportunities for travel by sustainable modes such as walking and cycling, and public transport.  The TA takes account of the impact of not only your development but also that of other potential or committed development in the local area.  We assess the current situation, a point in the near-future when your development is complete and open, and a further point in the far-future to ensure that all impacts are within acceptable bounds.

Talk to us about your project to see how we can help you provide a concise and effective TA – or contact our preferred delivery partner, Modal Highway Consultants – a well-established practice in the north-west (Cumbria).  Due to continued success and growth in that region and further afield, Modal Highway Consultants opened its Leicester-based Midlands Office in June 2018.  Since that time, we have been working very closely with Modal Highway Consultants via a collaborative arrangement to deliver effective Transport Assessments that represent best overall value to our clients.  You can contact Modal Highway Consultants here.

You can read more about Transport Statements, Transport Assessments or Travel Plans on gov.uk : Click here to read more


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